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Z8S180 Single Board Computer

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This Single Board Microcomputer is suitable for training and educational purposes and to study the general programming of microprocessors as well as for a first practical approach the interfacing techniques. A rich list of examples of programs written in BASIC and assembler provide a useful support to this goal.

The use of ELC-180 is described by the following steps:

  • Connection of ELC-180 to a terminal or PC via RS232C serial interface, Alternatively you can use a parallel ASCII keyboard with an LCD display connected to I/O ports as per the enclosed diagrams

  • Development of software with support for BASIC resident on the board, with the possibility to write routines in object code Z180 by the utility of the MOS

  • Testing and debugging of developed software with any external hardware required by the application.

Technical Data

  • Z8S180 ZILOG CMOS CPU with clock frequency at 18.432 MHz

  • RAM Memory 512k x 8

  • EPROM / EEPROM Memory 512k x 8

  • DS1232 Microprocessor monitor supply voltage (5V + / -5%) and watchdog timer

  • 82C55 1 Parallel Programmable Interfaces  for a total of 24 I/O lines (3 ports)

  • RS-232C port (1200 to 38600 bps) dedicated (PC communication)

  • RS-485/422 Port for networks on twisted pair (up to 32 cards SPQ-Z80)

  • MTBASIC compiler multitasking on EPROM

  • C/Compiler and Assembler Zilog Z180 available

  • Dimensions: 100 x 80 mm (standard EUROCARD).

  • Power Supply:  7…12V DC 50 mA (regulator on board)

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