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Z80 Single Board Computer

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This Single Board Microcomputer, being based on one of the most well-known Microprocessors in the world, the legendary ZILOG Z80, is certainly suitable for training and educational purposes and to study the general programming of microprocessors as well as for a first practical approach the interfacing techniques. A rich list of examples of programs written in BASIC and assembler provide a useful support to this goal.

The SPQ-Z80 is a single-board microcomputer Euro-card format, with a BASIC Interpreter on EPROM (EEPROM), suitable for the realization of data acquisition systems, and in general of automation systems. It is based on the microprocessor ZILOG Z84C000, very well known, documented and compatible at object level with microprocessor family Z80 and Z80180 as National HD64180 and HITACI NSC800. The main feature of SPQ-Z80 Board is that it can be programmed in BASIC with only using of a PC connected via serial port or just a video terminal. The resident powerful BASIC Interpreter allows the complete management of all the hardware resources and can call routines in assembler using the CALL statement, The maintenance of the data is ensured by a 32k x 8 NVRAM with Dallas DS1644 real time clock. Alternatively, it is available a powerful monitor / debugger for remote PC NOICE for the development and debugging code in assembler.

The hardware architecture of the board s based on: MPU Z84C000 ZILOG clocked at 6 MHz, 32KB NVRAM / EPROM (EEPROM), one analogical to digital converter 8-bit with 16 input channels and generator precision reference, a serial RS-232C, RS-485/422, a CENTRONICS printer port, six I / O ports 8-bit programmable; the card has a 64-pin DIN connector that realizes a bus I/O, useful for expansions. These hardware features, combined with the flexibility of the software that makes the source program always available in NVRAM for changes also on the field, make the SPQ-Z80 very versatile and suitable for the development of systems for automation and supervision, also subject to frequent expansions or modifications. The software support available to the board, includes: BASIC interpreter and a micro system operating (MOS) that allows the editing level object code, a vectored interrupt management, a real time clock, an LCD driver and ASCII keyboard, a system of auto-boot and auto-start and various utilities in assembler. It is also available as a Remote Monitor NOICE for development of Assembler software.

The use of SPQ-Z80 is described by the following steps:
Connection of SPQ-Z80 to a terminal or PC via RS232C serial interface, Alternatively you can use a parallel ASCII keyboard with an LCD display connected to I/O ports as per the enclosed diagrams
Development of software with support for BASIC resident on the board, with the possibility to write routines in object code Z80 by the utility of the MOS
Testing and debugging of developed software with any external hardware required by the application.

Technical Data

  • Z84C0006 ZILOG CMOS CPU with clock frequency at 6 MHz

  • NVRAM Memory 32k x 8 Dallas DS1644 with real time clock (internal battery)

  • EPROM / EEPROM Memory 32k x 8

  • ADC0817 A/D converter 16 multiplexed channel 0-5V ,res. 8-bit,   conv. time 100 us

  • LM168 5.0V optional reference voltage for ADC – 5ppm / C ^ 0, 0005% / V

  • DS1232 Microprocessor monitor supply voltage (5V + / -5%) and watchdog timer

  • 82C55 2 Parallel Programmable Interfaces  for a total of 48 I/O lines (6 ports)

  • 85C51 UART for RS-232C port (1200 to 38600 bps) dedicated (PC communication)

  • RS-485/422 Port for networks on twisted pair (up to 32 cards SPQ-Z80)

  • DIN 41612  64 pin connector for interfacing and expansions via SPQ-BUS

  • BASIC extended Interpreter 16K preloaded on EPROM/EEPROM

  • Dimensions: 100 x 160 mm (standard EUROCARD).

  • Power Supply:  5 V (+ / – 5%) 50 mA, + optional 12V 1 mA ( reference A / D converter)

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