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Telecontrollo GSM, 8 Out Open Drain, custodia IP66


The RCU8951- EXM (minibox) is a remote control / gate opener GSM in very compact version, also suitable for outdoor installation and in addition to the remote control function, can be directly connected to its inputs of standard sensors and transducers, such as those possibly already installed for other anti-intrusion measurement and security systems: for example magnetic contacts, PIR detectors, photocells, etc.

With this device it is possible to use the mobile phone to open doors, barriers and automatic gates with a ring of the mobile phone, without any charge: it is a practical and safe system that offers access control to restricted areas, reducing management costs. It is simple to use and allows you to always have the gate opening at your fingertips, no more remote controls that break, get discharged, get lost. Only authorized users enter, with maximum comfort and security.

If the remote alarm function is also used, it is possible to customize the SMS messages relating to each input and each output, in order to quickly identify the line that generated an alarm or the device that was activated. The RCU-8951 remote control is extremely versatile, to its digital inputs it is possible to connect any sensor or any device able to open and close a contact, while to the analog inputs it is possible to connect any sensor with voltage output in the range 0 - 3VDC (0 - 300 VDC with RTC-BUF) in addition to the LM335 temperature sensors for measurements in the range -40 ° C + 100 ° C.  

Main functions

  • Bistable remote activation of any system, equipment or device via SMS, up to 250 registered users (e.g. remote boiler ignition, air conditioning, irrigation, lighting, etc.).
  • Monostable remote activation of any system, equipment or device via call at no cost, with caller ID recognition and automatic rejection, up to 250 registered users (eg motorized gate opening).
  • Remote reading of analogue transducers and on-off sensors installed in the remote environment (eg temperature, humidity, pressure, level, etc.) via SMS.
  • Analogue remote alarm via SMS and / or call when the minimum and / or maximum thresholds set for the detected temperature or voltage values ​​are exceeded.
  • Digital remote alarm via SMS and / or call when opening alarm contacts connected to any type of sensor (movement, anti-intrusion, fire, anti-flooding, etc.)
  • Typical applications : gate opening command, barriers, bollards for individuals, companies, hotels, camping ...

Technical features

  • Dual Band GSM modem 900-1800 MHz with whip antenna and SMA connector
  • Bidirectional control system by sending command SMS, reading inputs and alarms
  • Microcontroller: ATMEL AT89C51AC3 64 KB FLASH, 2.4KB RAM, 2KB EEPROM
  • SIM card reader Incorporated in the Gsm Modem card
  • Open Collector outputs: 8 for piloting the external relay card, available on request
  • Analogue inputs 8 channels with 10 bit resolution in the 0 - 3V range
  • 4 digital inputs with status reading on SMS command and alarm generation
  • Bistable commands: Activated on the eight OC outputs by SMS command
  • Monostable controls Can be activated on one or more OC outputs by calling zero cost
  • Authorized users Up to 250 registered on the SIM card, of which 9 administrators per rec. alarms
  • Automatic answer With call or SMS confirmation to the calling number
  • Operating firmware Compiled resident on the FLASH with the possibility of updating
  • Dimensions IP67 polycarbonate case 125 x 125 x 75 mm - weight 400 g
  • Power supply 12 VDC 1 A (max) with internal 5V regulator for microcontroller
  • IDC connectors on the board
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Telecontrollo GSM, 8 Out Open Drain, custodia IP66
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