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Telecontrollo GSM, 1000 utenti, 5 IN dig., 1 OUT relay,16000 eventi

General description

  • The ProLog GSM , consisting of a ASC Global ProCon GSM module assembled in a metal container and equipped with a switching power supply and backup battery, is a programmable system designed to remotely control one or more relays and to send SMS messages and / or voice calls upon change. status of one or more inputs. We can program 8 different telephone numbers to indicate separately the type of notice. Event notification: input alarm, 220V network monitoring, life existence sending. The SMS can be programmed individually or according to the alarm event or by reset. The duration of the call (number of rings), the number of call attempts and the redial or interruption function can be programmed separately.
  • The output relay can be controlled from the telephone keypad (DTMF), via a voice connection, or for free via a simple call with caller identification and automatic rejection, from any registered telephone number up to the module's maximum memory limit of 1000 numbers . The output can be monostable (max. 65000 sec.) Or bistable.
  • If used as an alarm control unit, the inputs can be used as alarm zones while the output can be used for the external alarm siren. With your mobile you can activate or deactivate the device.
  • The tamper terminal can be used to signal any sabotage. The settings are identical to those of the inputs. With the built-in backup battery the device is able to signal the power failure and to operate for about 24 hours.
  • The module can be programmed via SMS, Android (Bluetooth) or PC (USB or Bluetooth) with the ProRead software. Every hour the device checks and records the GSM signal level which can be displayed in a graph with the help of the ProRead software. The device has a memory of 16,000 events (input, output, GSM signal, 220 V power failure, output control).
  • SMS Function: forwarding of incoming SMS to a preset number, message on SIM card expiry

The ProLog GSM is housed in a sturdy painted steel cabinet, which has an industrial power supply inside it consisting of a mains isolation transformer and an AC-DC switching converter with adjustable output 11 ... 14 V DC which also allows the buffer recharge of the backup accumulator. It is designed for mounting an optional LCD module and keyboard, used for system expansions. The container is equipped with an antisabotage microswitch activated by opening the lid.

The programming of the ProLog GSM can be done via SMS, via smartphone with Android, or via PC with the graphic interface software supplied free of charge to be used with a USB adapter kit that can be purchased separately.

Main features

  • 4 inputs (configurable as normally closed or normally open)
  • 1 NO / NC relay output manageable via SMS from unlimited numbers, via call with registered ID from 1000 numbers
  • Sending SMS, voice messages and Contact ID
  • Programmable via SMS, PC, Android and voice menu
  • Expansion modules: relay output and central alarm board
  • Digital inputs: 4 (expandable)
  • Relay outputs 1 (expandable)
  • Telephone numbers to send notifications 8
  • OC output loadability max. 30V @ 400mA
  • Telephone numbers to control outputs up to 1000 numbers
  • Telephone numbers of alarm receiving centers 2
  • User numbers for forwarding SMS: 1
  • Transmission channel: GSM / SMS / GPRS
  • Caller number identification (can be disabled)
  • Central alarm function (arm / disarm)
  • 24 hour zone (tamper)
  • Adjustable sensitivity of inputs
  • Sending signal to the alarm reception center
  • Sending SMS to user numbers
  • Sending SMS to user numbers based on Contact ID (250 events and 250 zones)
  • Sending tests periodically
  • Sending voice messages to user numbers / 6 (+1)
  • Send alarm to users with a siren sound
  • Internal clock
  • List of events / number of events that can be stored 16000
  • GSM signal level measurement and data retention
  • Adjustable internal Contact ID codes
  • Output activation with a free call
  • SMS security password
  • Programming software (PC, Android), via USB adapter (optional)
  • Programming mode
  • USB / SMS / Bluetooth
  • Sending DTMF code during a voice call to command the output

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: 220 V ac
  • Relay contact output: max. 20 V @ 0.5 A
  • GSM module used: 900 SIMCOM
  • GSM frequencies: GSM 850 / EGSM 900 / DCS 1800 / PCS 1900 (Multi-Band)
  • SIM interface: PIN unlockable via SW as well as from mobile phone, support for all services
  • GSM antenna: with standard SMA connector included
  • Full battery charge time: 5 days (for maximum battery life)
  • Guaranteed operating temperature range: -20 ° C ... +50 ° C
  • Assembly: Professional cabinet in painted steel with hinged lid  
  • Dimensions: 225 x 215 x 80 mm
  • Weight: 1.96 kg
  • Power supply: Encapsulated transformer 220 Vac-> 18 Vac + switching converter OUT 11 ... 14 VDC
  • Tamper-proof microswitch: NC activated by the lid, lid closed -> contact closed
  • LCD window: 97 x 40 mm to accommodate a 4 x 20 LCD module
  • Keyboard window: 60 x 57 mm for standard 16-key alphanumeric keyboard housing

Typical applications

  • Auxiliary GSM network connection system compatible with any alarm control unit
  • Alarm control unit usable as an independent system
  • Automation of the opening of gates, barriers, garages in free mode through caller ID recognition
  • Domestic equipment control (air conditioning, heating, sauna, lighting, garden irrigation and any device that can be associated with a relay for switching on or off).
  • Power control 220 / 230V
  • Recovery and control of server machines
  • Relay output loadability max. 30V @ 500mA
ProLog GSM
Telecontrollo GSM 1000 utenti, 16000 eventi + Kit USB
£ 274,00
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Programmazione dati e parametri su specifiche del cliente
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