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T341L - Central Unit Professional GSM Communicator

Product description

16 wired inputs, 2 relay double-throw contacts,
16 partitions (each of them is possible to control separately)
64 phone

The inputs react to a connection or disconnection to or from a common GND terminal A switch with SMS remote control. SMS texts for switching particular terminals on/off are configurable. There are two different kinds of SMS: alarm SMS and information SMS, when input comes back. It is possible to save/download your settings to the file
USB connector to connect to PC (it is possible to used perfect setup PC program - included) A time-switch which can be activated remotely via a mobile phone(the switch-on period is configurable from 1 second to 24 hours).
The 2 relays with dialling-in remote control. Up to 64 phone numbers can be authorized for inputs. Because calls are not answered dialling-in control within GSM is free of charge. (T341L only checks the callers number and - if the number is authorized - responds with relay.) This can be used for parking latch control etc. A relay with validity-limited dialling-in remote control. Each authorized number can have a limit to the number of calls. When the call count reaches the limit the tel. number is de-authorized. This can be useful for pre-paid services such as e.g. parking. Any tel. number can be re-authorized via SMS by the administrator. An SMS reporter. Input 1 to 16 activations or deactivations can be reported by SMS and optionally confirmed by phone calls. Each input can have its own message texts and up to 64 tel. numbers programmed. each imput can be setup like: alarm, 24 hours, arm, disarm, all partitions arm, all partitions disamr external antenne Automatically saving and downloadind all data within 2 seconds

Setting all important parameters by one SMS

  • A possibility to define a length of the input impuls

  • A possibility to give a name to an each input

  • A possibility to define own device name and passwords

  • A temperature measurement (if over 50 C, GSM communicator will send an alarm message)

Perfect communication and PC software programs  And much more functions

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