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ELCOSYS' mission has always been, since it was  founded in 1996, creating and developing hardware modules and software applications, single board computers, OEM boards and microprocessor cards for automation systems. ELCOSYS ® products are mainly used by engineers and technicians  in developing automation, data acquisition and supervision systems for civil and industrial installations and SCADA. The first SPQZ80-based supervision and control systems have been operational for over 15 years and are still functional.


To meet the needs of a growing number of users and technicians, each one with its well established know-how  on a specific hardware architecture, ELCOSYS ® catalog is now integrated with other brands OEM modules and microprocessor cards . A new Customer service is also ready to offer manufacturing and installation of telemetry, remote control and supervision systems for civil and industrial installations.


To keep in touch with the latest technology, ELCOSYS specializes in the SCADA field (Supervision Control & Data Acquisition), using leased-line modem-based local area networks, GSM modems or radio modems (VHF / UHF). This system is currently used in an increasingly efficient and well water systems in irrigation systems.


Following market's trend and technological developments, increasingly oriented to embedded remotely controlled systems on the GSM network,  ELCOSYS completes its catalog of remote controls with GSM modem used in both industrial and civil fields, like in modern home-automation systems. Responding to the new remote-controllers criteria, ELCOSYS' new GSM controllers allow the user to activate devices, get the readings of remote sensors and so forth just writing an SMS.


The demand for remote monitoring systems on the GSM network is growing, especially with regard to the high end that meets the needs to control multiple functions of remote stations with a total reliability’ and security. The ELCOSYS 2U rack versions is implemented using standard microprocessor architectures with industrial GSM module, relay card ‘and I / O optically isolated, linear power supplies designed for continuous and automatic switching power supply, 220 Vac line outside emergency accumulators with charging in buffer. An hardware solution implemented to ensure a high level of reliability even at the most complex installations, such as pumping stations or water totally isolated for the radio links in the mountains at high altitudes powered exclusively by photovoltaic panels.


A new “electronic brick” : ELC8951 is an open-source Microcontroller Board designed as prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for engineers, designers, hobbyists, and students.ELC8951 can interact with external devices receiving input from analog and digital sensors and transducers and can control relays, lights, motors, and any other actuators by generating digital output signals. The microcontroller on the board can be programmed using the BASCOM programming language and the BASCOM development environment, or C compiler (like Reads, Mikroelektronika, etc.). ELC8951 projects can run as stand-alone systems or they can communicate by software running on an external computer (e.g. ATMEL FLIP).


From decades of experience in the field of remote controls is born the latest version of RCU-8951, which includes all the functionality of the best remote control state of the art and remote alarm sophisticated, combined with  a very rugged assembling and reliable engineering; this version is suitable for installation in both domestic that in industrial environments. The built-in hexadecimal keyboard allows programming of all the parameters and operational control of all functions of the remote control and is very useful during the installation and testing of the plant

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