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Remote controls

TELCO8870 DTMF remote control

In 1998 ELCOSYS developed its first hardware / software project for the realization of a professional DTMF remote control on a fixed telephone line, called TELCO8870 and made with modular hardware: Z8S180 microprocessor card + optoisolated relay card and telephone interface with 1: 1 line transformer with impedance of 600 Ohm; the device is characterized by high reliability as it is based on industry-standard components, such as the M8870 DTMF receiver and the Zilog Z8s180 microprocessor. The TELCO8870 series remote controls for fixed line are used in the industrial and civil fields, and can activate up to 4 electrical loads (10 A 250 Vac) by sending DTMF codes; acoustic feedback is obtained through short sequences of tones while a large LCD module displays the operational phases of operation. Remote reading of 4 digital inputs suitable for ON-OFF sensors is available.
SPQ-Z80 data loggers
Starting from 1998, ELCOSYS started the development of data acquisition units (Data logger) based on 16 analog channels SPQ-Z80 micro-computers interconnected on a proprietary local network and managed remotely via PC. These Teleacquisitors, built on detailed hardware and software specifications of the Client, a leading company in Italy in the field of Interventions for Geotechnics and Environmental Monitoring, were used, for example, in inclinometric monitoring systems of the territory in areas at risk of landslides. and in Monitoring Systems of Motorway Viaducts for the real-time control of the state of dynamic deformation of the structures. All remote acquisition systems installed since 1998 are fully operational and functional and technically assisted by ELCOSYS which provides any spare parts or controls with a lifetime warranty formula.
GSM remote alarms

In 2002 ELCOSYS focused the objective of hardware / software development of Telealarms on the GSM network; an example of implementation, developed on the specifications of an Italian company leader in the production of numerically controlled milling machines, is the SENTINEL SMS, an industrial remote alarm via SMS on the GSM network. This remote alarm, to optimize reliability and ease of assistance, is based on modular hardware: Microprocessor card + optoisolated relay card + Dual Band GSM modem + optoisolated input cards. the SENTINEL SMS manages the sending of 20 user-customizable alarm / process status messages for the machine operator, who can be promptly updated on the progress of the operations and on any anomalies. The remote control is equipped with a linearly regulated power supply module with backup battery and standard 24 Vac input.
SCADA systems

In 2004 at ELCOSYS she dedicated herself to the technical analysis and design of Automatic Control and Supervision Systems based on SCADA DaqFactory. An example in this field is the implementation of the SCADA system entrusted to ELCOSYS to automate the Municipal Aqueduct of Ghemme (NO). The heart of the control system consists of an industrial PC assembled in a 19 "Rack cabinet that runs the management program developed and optimized according to the system specifications; the central unit is connected via leased-line modem to dedicated telephone lines that they continuously detect data from remote stations and control their equipment, such as lifting pumps, solenoid valves and inverters. The data detected by pressure transducers, flow meters and water level sensors of reserve reservoirs are used as input variables from the SCADA program The system operates in real time and the critical parameters of the system are also monitored by remote alarm control units on the GSM network to report any anomalies to the assistance technicians.
GSM remote controls
In 2008, ELCOSYS began the design and development of remote control systems on the GSM network, specializing from the outset on systems built and developed according to the customer's specifications and therefore realizing, in addition to standard remote controls, various other implemented remote controls. with totally custom hardware and software. An example of an implementation dedicated to a specific application is the RCU8951-rack2u remote control version designed by ELCOSYS for the control and supervision of radio repeater stations in the high mountains and similar equipment installed in remote and isolated areas which therefore require a high degree of reliability and autonomy of operation.
RCU8951 GSM multifunctional controls
An example of a standard GSM remote control suitable for professional and industrial applications is the RCU8951-IP20 model. Taking advantage of several years of design experience in this specific sector, ELCOSYS has implemented a device that, even in the standard version and without customization, covers a very wide range of needs and is suitable for the most varied applications. This remote control is equipped with an autonomous local automatic adjustment capability, integrated with the GSM remote control that allows it to be commanded and interrogated from remote locations via SMS. A convenient integrated keyboard allows you to set up and enter commands even locally and in a totally autonomous way without the need to send SMS or to connect an external PC. With an external PC connected via RS232C or USB, you can easily update the firmware resident on the flash of the ELC8951 board and load new versions or customized programs.
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