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ProLine GSM - Professional telephone line (PSTN) simulator

ProLine GSM - Professional telephone line (PSTN) simulator

  • Telephone line simulator (PSTN)

  • PSTN line management

  • 2 contact inputs, 1 OC output which is controllable from 1000 phone number

  • Forwarding SMS or/and voice message

  • Forwarding Contact ID, 4/2 protocol

  • Convert Contact ID to SMS


  • A telephonic back-up system is able to guarantee the execution of a phone call and simulate a PSTN line in case of not availability of the PSTN wired telephone line by using the GSM network. The ProLine GSM is able to monitor the PSTN connection 24h/7.

  • The system forwards SMS and/or voice message and/or Contact ID to the user and/or the monitoring station if a signal reaches the input. You can set 8 different phone numbers to specify separately the type of notice. Event notification: input alarm, tamper, external power monitoring, life signal sending. The ProLine GSM can convert the Contact ID to SMS (250 settable zones and 250 events).

  • The output can be controlled by a free voice call: unlimited number of cases (no checking) or with caller ID checking up to the build in memory (1000 pcs) and the memory of SIM card. The output can be monostable (max. 65000 sec) or bistable. The module can be expanded by relay output.

  • The module can be programmed via SMS, PC (USB or Bluetooth) or Android. It measures the GSM strength every hour and the values can be represented in a diagram.

  • SIM functions: forwarding of incoming SMS to a pre-programmed number, warning message of the SIM expiring date, maintenance warning. The memory of the module can store 16 000 events.

  • The battery pack allows the device to have a signal about a power failure and to operate for 4 hours.

  • Anti-Jammer System: activate the output and use the PSTN line to alarm when the module can not find the GSM signal (for example: sabotage).


  • Inputs (+ expander)2

  • OC outputs (+ expander)1

  • OC output rated currentmax. 30V@400mA

  • User phone numbers for event transmission: 8

  • User phone numbers for output control: unlimited / 1000 numbers

  • Individual reporting to the monitoring station: yes

  • User phone numbers for incoming SMS forward/1

  • Transmission channelPSTN / GSM / SMS / GPRS

  • Caller identification

  • Configurable 24h zones

  • Adjustable zone sensitivity

  • Configurable inputs (NO/NC)

  • Individual SMS sending to user phone numbers with adjustable text

  • Monitoring station phone numbers: 2

  • Periodic test report sending: yes

  • Recordable voice message sending to user phone numbers/3

  • Alarm transmission to user phone numbers using siren tone

  • Internal clockEvent list / number of stored events16000

  • GSM signal strengh monitoring and logging hourly

  • SMS converting and sending to user phone numbers from filtered Contact ID codes (250 events and 250 zones distinguish)

  • Configurable internal Contact ID codes

  • Phone line simulation

  • PSTN phone line monitoring

  • Output activation with free GSM call

  • Security password

  • Programming software (PC, Android)

  • Programming methodUSB / SMS / Bluetooth

  • Battery connection options: yes

  • Current (Nominal / GSM broadcast)80mA/1000mA

  • Simulated line/ring voltage: adjustable (30-72 VDC) / 72 VDC

  • Supply voltage range: 9 ... 20 VDC


  • Telephone line backup

  • Line simulator to the alarm panel

  • Gate, barrier and garage opening

  • House automation control (air-conditioning, heating, sauna, lighting)

  • 230V control and sending notification

Technical parameters

  • Supply voltage: 9-20 VDc

  • Standby current: 80 mA

  • Maximum current consumption: 1000 mA  

  • OC relay output: max. 30V@400 mA

  • GSM module type: 900 SIMCOM

  • GSM frequencies: GSM 850 / EGSM 900 / DCS 1800 / PCS 1900 (Multi-Band)

  • Simulated line voltage: 30 ... 72 VDc

  • Simulated ring voltage: 72 VDc

  • SIM interface: unlocked, support for all services

  • GSM antenna type: SMA connector  (included)

  • Dimensions: 86 x 69 x 25 mm, packed: 132 x 128 x 32 mm

  • Operating temperature: -20 - +50°C

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