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MultiOne GSM - Miniature GSM communicator

MultiOne GSM - Miniature GSM communicator

  • 1 optocoupler input (NO/NC)

  • 1 output, 230 VAC/24 VDC, (NO/NC)

  • Output controlling bistable or monostable (250sec) mode

  • Output control via free call (250/500 phone numbers)

  • Without caller identification the output can be controlled from unlimited phone number

  • Programming with SMS or with DIP switch

  • SMS sending and forwarding to one telephone number


  • Plug & Play usage: with telephone numbers saved to SIM card it can be used immediately as a remote controller.

  • It has a relayed output that can be controlled with a free voice call and from 250/500 previously stored phone numbers with number identification depending on SIM card memory. Without caller identification the output can be controlled from unlimited phone numbers.

  • Output can be NO/NC depending on wiring and relay load can be 5A and 230VAC or 24 VDC.

  • Output operation is selectable between bistable and monostable. At monostable controlling the saved maximum controlling time is 250 seconds.

  • When a voltage arrives to the input it can send a previously saved message to one telephone number. Input voltage can be minimum 5V and 30V maximum.

  • Basic settings can be set with the dip switches while the phone number for notification and the monostable controlling time can be modified with SMS.


  • Inputs (+ expander)1

  • Relay outputs (+ expander)1

  • Relay output rated current

  • User phone numbers for event transmission1

  • User phone numbers for output control: unlimited / 250 / 500

  • User phone numbers for incoming SMS forward: 1

  • Transmission channel: GSM / SMS

  • Caller identification

  • Configurable inputs (NO/NC)

  • Individual SMS sending to user phone numbers with adjustable text

  • Output activation with free GSM call

  • Security password: yes

  • Programming software (PC, Android)

  • Programming method: SMS / DIP

  • Current (Nominal / GSM broadcast): 25 ... 700 mA

  • Supply voltage range: 10 ... 30 V DC


  • Gate, barrier, and garage opening

  • Controlling irrigation, air-conditioning, heating, sauna

  • Controlling shutter

  • Controlling lighting

Technical parameters

  • Supply voltage: 16-24 VAC or 10-30 VDC

  • Standby/maximum current:

  • 12V@25mA/700mA

  • 24V@15mA/350mA

  • Relay output: max. 230V@5 A

  • GSM module type: 800 SIMCOM

  • GSM frequencies: GSM 850 / EGSM 900 / DCS 1800 / PCS 1900 (Multi-Band)

  • SIM interface: unlocked, support for all services

  • GSM antenna type: SMA connector (included)

  • Dimensions: 59 x 54 x 21 mm, packed: 132 x 128 x 32 mm

  • Operating temperature: -20°C - +50°C

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