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InterCom GSM - DoorPhone GSM Module

InterCom GSM - DoorPhone GSM Module

  • Intercom with GSM contact

  • Up to 4-unit intercom system is adaptable

  • 2 relay outputs, which are able to control by DTMF codes during voice call

  • Output control with free GSM call (eg.: gate, barrier, garage) up to 1000 phone numbers

  • Power-supply and GSM network checking


  • The InterCom GSM can be used up to 4 flats intercom system. You can set two different phone numbers to each flat and you can set the ringing time, too. The InterCom GSM modul uses the GSM network in this case there is no distance limit between the door phone and the indoor unit. By the installation you need only the power and the system is working.

  • During the call you can select which output would you like to control. If you want, you can open both outputs too parallel, which can be a gate or barrier also.

  • The output can be controlled by a free voice call: unlimited number of cases (no checking) or with caller ID checking up to the build in memory (1000 pcs) and the memory of SIM card. The output can be monostable (max. 65000 sec) or bistable. The InterCom GSM is working together with all the well-known intercom systems. You do not need to learn a new system only to make the right connection between the InterCom GSM and the outdoor unit.

  • The battery pack allows the device to have a signal about a power failure. If the main power is gone you can get a voice call or the SMS. Your intercom system will works up to in the next 24 hours too thanks to the battery.

  • With the calendar of events you can follow every modification after the installation.  The calendar can store the event and its time, GSM status and strength and in case of control the phone number of the caller. The modules controls the GSM strength continously and save the lowest value of every hour in a separated memory.

  • The module can be programmed via SMS, voice menu, PC (USB or Bluetooth) or Android. It measures the GSM strength every hour and the values can be represented in a diagram. SIM function expiring date, maintenance warning. The memory of the module can store 16 000 events.


  • Inputs (+ expander)5

  • Relay outputs (+ expander)2

  • Relay output rated current max. 30V@500mA

  • User phone numbers for event transmission4 x 2

  • User phone numbers for output controlunlimited / 1000 numbers

  • User phone numbers for incoming SMS forward/1

  • Transmission channelGSM / SMS

  • Caller identification

  • Adjustable zone sensitivity

  • Configurable inputs (NO/NC)

  • Individual SMS sending to user phone numbers with adjustable text

  • Periodic test report sending

  • Recordable voice message sending to user phone numbers/2

  • Internal clock

  • Event list / number of stored events16000

  • GSM signal strengh monitoring and logging hourly

  • Output activation with free GSM call

  • Security password

  • Programming software (PC, Android)

  • Programming methodUSB / SMS / Bluetooth

  • Battery connection options: yes

  • Current (Nominal / GSM broadcast)40mA + output unit /700mA

  • Supply voltage range9-20 VDC


  • Wireless intercom

  • Control: gate, barrier, garage opening

  • 230 V control and sending notification

  • Elevator support call

Technical parameters

  • Supply voltage: 9-20 VDc

  • Standby current: 40 mA + outside unit

  • Maximum current consumption: 700 mA

  • Relay output: max. 20V@500 mA

  • GSM module type: 900 SIMCOM

  • GSM frequencies: GSM 850 / EGSM 900 / DCS 1800 / PCS 1900 (Multi-Band)

  • SIM interface: unlocked, support for all services

  • GSM antenna type: SMA connector (included)

  • Dimensions: 78 x 51 x 20 mm, packed: 132 x 128 x 32 mm

  • Operating temperature: -20°C - +50°C

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