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Electronic Control Systems
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Affordable electronics
ELCOSYS LTD designs and implements modular electronic systems for data acquisition, monitoring and remote access control on GSM / GPRS network and via WEB / Ethernet . ELCOSYS produces and distributes microcontroller and microprocessor modules programmed on customer specifications andaccessory electronic boards necessary for the creation of a complete control / acquisition system. Our first goal is the quality / price ratio: to distribute the best products at affordable prices for all customers, installers, technicians and end users. Our second goal, but no less important than the first, is to provide the products guaranteed and supported by our after-sales service offered to the customer for the entire life of the product and not only for the duration of the warranty period.
Wide choice and timely delivery

You can trust our service. The quality and convenience of online shopping make purchasing at ELCOSYS LTD very convenient, we are sure that you will be satisfied with our products but also that you will save time and money. Your suggestions and requests for new products, combined with a passion for science and technology, push us to continuously expand the range of articles and services offered.

Logistics and distribution
ELCOSYS LTD has a rational order management and product distribution system; we use the best national and international express couriers at very competitive prices. Our automated order management systems allow you to significantly reduce delivery times: from receipt of an order, the average time for preparing and delivering goods is very short.
Technical assistance and information
Our customer service center is always available and ... in a good mood, you can check it in every contact. We have paid particular attention to ensure that you will always feel at ease talking with our technicians: electronics and technology represent a common passion for us and our customers and therefore, talking with you about these topics is a pleasure for us. , as well as a job. The operators and enthusiasts of the electronic sector appreciate flexibility and do not like being dependent on rigid schedules: for this reason the communication channels via SMS and e-mail are always active and available, in addition to the telephone ones at the indicated times, to send technical and commercial questions and receive answers very quickly.

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