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Atmel 89C51

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ELC8951 is a general purpose Microcontroller Boardbased on Atmel AT89C51AC3 (family 8051). It’s intended for engineers, designers, hobbyists, and students. ELC8951 can interact with external devices receiving input from analog and digital sensors and transducers and cancontrol relays, lights, motors, and any other actuators by generating digital output signals. The code for  ELC8951 board can be developed using, in addition to the several development tools available on the market for microcontrollers of 8051 family, the well-known BASCOM8051 of MCS-Electronics. There are also excellent C compilers integrated in IDE, such as Reads51 of RIGEL, or mikroC PRO by Mikroelektronika, an advanced C compiler for 8051. The IDE BASCOM-8051 allows you to develop programs, test them on the built-in simulator and finally carry out the upload on the board via RS232 or USB. The automation systems, supervision and control based on the 8051 family of microcontrollers developed with the software IDE BASCOM-8051 is not limited to amateur and hobby field, but can extend to professional applications, as evidenced by these applications examples among the many available on-line. Taking advantage of the remarkable expansion of the 8051 family of microcontrollers and related large amount of public domain software libraries which you can draw on, by the board ELC8951 you can develope even complex projects at minimal cost, target boards could then create optimized, containing only the Microcontroller and any additional components required by your application.The module ELC8951 comes fully assembled, tested, with a manual and wiring diagram. On request is available only the printed circuit board.

Technical Data


  • Clock main frequency 29.4912 MHz

  • Processor language 8051

  • FLASH for Program Memory 64 k-Bytes

  • RAM 256 Bytes

  • ERAM 2 k-Bytes

  • EEPROM 2 k-Bytes

  • 5 digital ports 8 bit for a total 32 I/O digital lines

  • 8 analog channels A/D converter 10 bit range 0-3 V

  • Reference precision generator 3.00 V for ADC

  • 3 Timers 16 bit

  • 1 parallel port for LCD

  • Potentiometer for LCD contrast adjustment

  • 1 Port RS232C for download firmware ISP mode

  • 1 Port RS232C for PC Modem or other serial device purpose

  • 1 Serial Channel SPI for high speed communication

  • 4 LED: power 12V & 5V, TXD and RXD line of serial port

  • Switch for RESET and manual enabling of FLASH programming

  • Power: 7….14 V AC / DC or 5.00 V DC

  • Bridge Rectifier, filter stage and linear regulator on board

  • Auxiliary Output 5.00 V 500 mA as external device supply

  • Board dimensions: 100 x 80 mm

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